Thursday, October 1, 2009

There are days I'm scared and ashamed to be American

So, this is what it making me ashamed at the moment. The link goes to the much-discussed article written by Perry for Newsmax where he talks about a military coup to overthrow Obama. Of course Newsmax keeps screaming that Perry never actually said it should happen, and that they took it down, and yet, here I am linking to it off Media Matters, so copies still exist. It's the internet.
Perhaps Mr. Perry isn't familar with what happens in military coups. They are far from peaceful, and are not noted for ushering in fair governments. After all, someone just seized control of the government from the person that the majority of the people wanted to lead. That? Will not end well.
What scares me is the idea that somewhere out there a young man is reading that and saying to himself, "Yes, he's right." He's scared, and angry, and has been lied to by the people he trusts the most, and he believes the people who want to help him are out to destroy him. That young man is going to make a very bad decision based on articles like these.
And at that point, god help us.


  1. I agree it is shameful. I am no Obama fan but all of this talk about assasination and other attacks are just disgusting. I disliked Georgie Jr. far more than I do the current inhabitant of the oval office, yet I never wanted him killed either.

    I wish these idiots would either grow up or shut up.

  2. I hated W. and I never actually wanted him killed. I did talk a lot about leaving the country to get away from him, but that was it.
    I don't think they will do either though, sadly these guys are the two year old having a temper tantrum in the middle of the room and they are getting a LOT of attention.

  3. Do any of these idiots think about what message that sends to the world? You think the we're in danger of terrorism? Imagine if we are a country in chaos and fighting amongst ourselves!


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