Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Everything I have read today points to one thing: Obama sucks ass.
Seriously. Republican, Democrat, Independent. Everything. They can disagree about everything else except that. Obama. Sucks. Ass.
He's a terrible president, he will be doomed to a Grant-like existence in history, he has let down the nation and possibly the universe, but not being just like Bush in pushing legislation through congress.
I am supremely tired of hearing about how much Obama sucks ass. He has done good things that get lost in the legislative bullshit going on in the House and Senate. Health care? Really? You really thought we would get health care legislation done? Ever? Oh honey, sit down, I have a call for you. It's from reality. That was never going to happen. Hate to burst your bubble.
Can he fix the unemployment and economic mess we are in? Sure, if he can get a New New Deal passed. Can he? No. No chance. The Republicans would never never let that happen.
In short, does Obama suck? Sure, to some people. Obama also inherited an impossible situation at the worst possible time. He got a country that is on the verge of tearing itself apart over him, where he faces the extremely real possibility of being shot every time he goes out in public. He got a Democratic majority that is paralysed with fear over the idea of pissing people off. Frankly, there are times I'm surprised he hasn't pulled a Palin and said, "Enough of this bullshit, fix it on your own, you morons."
Obama, not so much sucking ass. Unrealistic expectations because he isn't Bush? Abound. Because of that his actual good works get lost? Definitely.
Fail. This whole thing is fail.

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  1. I'd be more willing to forgive the lack of getting anything done if he were more willing to lead his own party.

    Say what you will about Lyndon Johnson, but that man knew how to whip a caucus into shape. Of course Obama isn't going to get healthcare done - what exactly has he done to try to get legislation through Congress?


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