Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Brit Hume says...

"And my sense about Tiger is that he needs something that Christianity, especially provides and gives and offers. And that is redemption and forgiveness."

Hahahah! Yes, I'm sure. Buddhism has no concept of forgiveness. Please. I'm not an expert in it, but I have studied it for a few years now and even I know it has a concept of forgivness.

" mentioned the Buddhism only because his mother is a Buddhist and he has apparently said that he is a Buddhist. I'm not sure how seriously he practices that.
But I think – I think that the – Jesus Christ offers Tiger Woods something that Tiger Woods badly needs."

You know, I heard someone mention on TV last night that Hume makes Christianity sound like a religion that caters to people who cheat on their wives (which, given the amount of very public figures who are Christian and get caught cheating, it very may well be). Like it's the easy way out. Cheat on your wife? Get forgiven by Christ! It's just that easy!!
Tiger Woods doesn't need Christ. Speaking as a person who cheated on her husband when she was married, I assure it isn't religion or the lack thereof that causes people to cheat. It's boredom and a lack of respect for the other spouse.
Mr Hume, shut up dude. Stop trying to convert people.

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