Friday, January 29, 2010

Celibacy and you!!

Well, me actually. See, I haven't had sex in over three and a half years.
I'm going to stop right here and let that one sink in.
OK? Good, let's continue.
Last night I was watching an old episode of How I Met Your Mother and the characters were talking about how one of them had gone a whole 57 days (or something) without sex. Which is when I started laughing because, three and a half years.
But what I approach as a "meh," kind of thing these people were freaking out over. I mean, I see it as, if I wanted to I could go to a bar and hook up, but I frankly don't want to because the one night stand is lame (I've done them, they are lame). I don't want a relationship, so no sex there, and my male friends are either married, or otherwise unavailable.
After a while, I honestly stopped thinking about it in a "I have to get laid" way. I lead a damn busy life. Single Mom, work full time, run a household. Frankly I'm not sure how my cousins have enough time to have enough sex to keep getting preggers. They have more than one kid, and even as a stay at home mom that job is outstandingly hard. Add in the Fibro and I am in bed and asleep by 10 PM to be awake at 6.
Next thing you know, and three and a half years have passed and I haven't had sex in one of them. And now it seems like a bother to even try to go out and get laid. My friends talk about how I must be lonely and want companionship. I'm really not. I am surrounded by people I love and am really happy. Plus I have some me time (as much as you can have with a 5 year old). Sometimes people ask, don't you ever just want to get fucked? Well, sure. That's what porn is for. I don't actually need some strange guy slobbering all over me, thank you very much. Or gal, at that.
I happen to be one of those people who really don't need sex. If I have it, great! If I don't, whatever. I know not everyone is like me, hell, I'm going to assume very few people are like me. But it works for me, and as a result I'm not missing anything.
So, if any of you readers out there can relate, there you go. One more strange thing about this lady blogger.

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  1. that's pretty interesting. :) personally i get so flippin' horny after just one week (when i'm on the rag) without sex. but then i'm married so i have temptation at my beck and call. just more proof that we all need to find what makes us happy in life and go for it and not listen to what other people think we should do with our time and effort.


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