Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday randomness

A couple of things, first off, Happy Good Friday to all you Christians. Nice of you to catch up, I will never understand why your rebirth ceremony has to be so far away from the equinox. But whatever. In order to atone for their sins, Filipinos are nailing themselves to crosses today. Yeah, I kind of wish I was making that up, but frankly if I'm not going to criticize the Sun Dance, I won't criticize people nailing themselves to crosses.
Anna Paquin is Bisexual. While reading the comments for an article on this, I came across some guy saying that this proves that being gay is a choice, because she has chosen to be Bi. Yeah. Sorry dude, being Bi is something you are born with, just like being gay. However, I do wish that people would stop saying they are Bi as a stepping stone to being gay. There is a difference, when you are bi you are actually attracted to people of both sexes. It kind of cheapens the fact that it is a real thing, and makes people think that if you are Bi you are actually gay. However, good for her. I'm proud for any star who says they are gay or Bi. It's not easy to come out.
And lastly, I love the number 7, so I liked this story about how the lottery paid out $77.7 million after the number 7-7-7-7 hit.
Have a Happy Easter all...

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