Wednesday, September 23, 2009

She doesn't even know what that means

I read yesterday that Ms. Palin will be going to Hong Kong to speak to a group of 1000 investment bankers and fund managers.
Wait, what?
Are they going to just not translate her? Or are they hoping things will get lost in translation? Is it a joke?
The woman can not seriously understand anything about banking. And they mentioned that Palin is of interest to the internation community. Yeah, as a bloody joke. No one but us idiots here in the good old US of A took her seriously, and that's because we apparently started to prize insanity over education at some point.


  1. She's going to start a war. She can't manage American manners, and Chinese manners are significantly more strict.

  2. I hope that they are using her as a comedy act, because if they aren't she really might start a war. Just wait till the first time she winks at a room full of bankers. Oy.


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