Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well, that isn't what he said at all

So, Carter has been busy recently. He's been saying all kinds of things that are getting all kinds of people all upset. Like, the people who are freaking out comparing Obama to Hitler and calling him a fascist and in general going way over the top in the protests of him might be a tad bit racist.
However I was informed by a co-worker this morning that Carter said that anyone who says anything against Obama is racist. Which sadly didn't surprise me.
There is a fringe of the fringe, the people who aren't wingnuts, but aren't moderates, who really believe that. That if you say anything against him you will be racist and he can say anything he wants because of the NAACP. They don't think that he is unqualified to hold the office, but they really don't like that he is there.
Now, Democrats alone have been saying crap about out President (I don't know a single democrat who has said anything nice about him since he has been elected. I mean it, I've been astounded by the fact that people are freaking pissed off this badly by the fact that he hasn't fixed the world in 9 months. I just wanted him to fix the economy, and he is doing that, so cool beans). So I doubt very much that Carter is calling his party a bunch of racists. He's calling the crazy people racists, but the fringe of the fringe can't see that. They know that those people are crazy but won't raise a hand to stop them. They will never say boo. And in a way they are just as dangerous, a bunch of enablers, but at the moment they are enabling a bunch of wingnuts who are going to start taking pot shots at our president soon.
So, as awesome as Carter's comments are, it has shown off a whole new part of our country we need to watch, which is sad.


  1. I really don't think most of the anti Obama rants are racially motivated, not even the crazy ones. Most of these same people rant as violently if not more so against Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who are both white.

    In fact I am sure all of them would say much much worse about Carters presidency and they don't make people much whiter than Jimmy.

    I think the crazies are motivated by religion not race. Barrack is extremely pro choice, moderately pro gay and is percieved as being both pro communism and pro Islam.

    Fundamentalists still hate communism as badly as they did in the 80's because it is a symbol. Destroying atheistic governments vindicates their faith in their eyes. It doesn't matter that it is socio economic forces that bring down communism to a fundy it only matters that "Gods country" beats the godless heathens.

    Even more so these people are afraid of Islam. They see Islam as the worst threat because it is fanatical, uncompromising, sure of the support of god and has a fringe of violent crazies willing to murder for the cause. In other words just like Christianity only not.

    It is these religious reasons that make them hate the Preident so much, not his skin color. There is a bit of racism in the fact that his name and ancestry help further the Muslim charges but only a little. If you recall these same people even chastised their hero GW for being nice to Islamic leaders. They would be just as rabid against any president they percieved as friendly to Islam or to communism.

  2. Ah, but in fundamentalist Christianity racism is so deeply entrenched I still think Carter is right. These guys are using religion as their excuse, but there is a constant undertone of "scary brown guy" that runs through their religion, and their way of life. It is no coincidence that these people are white, Fundamentalist Christianity is white. It is a racially driven religion.
    If Obama was white and friendly towards Muslim nations there would be a backlash, but not as great, because he would be white. I also wonder if he was fully black if the backlash would be as great. He must really piss these guys off, what with the implication that his Mid-west white mother had sex with a big bad black man.


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