Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Umm, what the hell people?

I have been watching with a mix of amusement and alarm as a rather vocal segment of our country has completely lost their shit over Pres. Obama giving a ra-ra speech to the nations kids. The conservatives I know have all said that they really don't see a problem with Obama giving ra-ra stay in school speeches, after all other presidents have done it too.
I can't see how people can look at these people who are just foaming at the mouth, and not admit that these people are racists. They can say what they want, but they would not be this upset if the president wasn't a black man. It's just pissing them off more than the fact that he is a Democrat, and how dare he talk to their kids?
It's a sad state of affairs.


  1. He basically said "stay in school" for half an hour.

    the horror!

  2. That's a sad thing too, when saying "stay in school" is in any way terrible.


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