Monday, February 1, 2010

Tightrope walker (aka random bitching)

Some days I feel like a tightrope walker. I walk the tightrope of being a mom, working full time, and having a chronic condition. Some days I slip, and almost fall. Those days suck. Some days I just fall off altogether and hope someone is there to help me get back up.
Today I am lowering the dosage of my pain medication. That means I hurt, alot. I am on a new medication that is helping, which is why I'm tapering off the pain meds. I am hoping I can go off them. However, that means that today I am one cranky ass bitch.
Today is also a day when a lot of other things seem to be conspiring to see how much shit can be piled on me at one time. Today was the day when I kept thinking of Airport, "I picked a bad day to stop drinking". Heh.
I am tired, and deeply sick of dealing with other people's problems. I am sick of picking up every one's messes, and most of all I am sick of being sick. Today is my no good very bad day.

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  1. sorry about your pain and crabbiness! :( i had that kind of a day yesterday and the day before, but things picked up for me today.
    hoping that they will for you too!


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