Monday, March 15, 2010

I really can't think of a witty title for this...

So, TLC has decided to just on the success that A&E is having with their show on hoarders. They aired a show last night on extreme hoarders.*
The first person on the show is an ex-military guy, which was kind of weird and just goes to show you that anyone can have this disorder. The second person was a woman who has Fibromyalgia.
My heart sank a bit when she said that, because I'm reasonably sure I can see where this is going to head in the Fibro communities.
OCD's are a touchy subject in the Fibro community. A large amount of the people with Fibro have an anxiety disorder of some kind. Sometimes they are generalized anxiety disorders, sometimes they even manifest as eating disorders, but most of the time they are OCD disorders. Mild ones, but still there.
People with Fibro often have so many other problems that the anxiety disorders go untreated. Sometimes you get a doctor that will give you a drug that will combat it, but not always. Assuming you found a doctor that believes you in the first place. We try hard to appear normal, and act normal, because for years we have been known as crazy women (and men). Fibro isn't real, you're faking, it's not that bad, and so on.
For years we have been fighting that label of "crazy women". This program really didn't help. Look at the crazy hoarder woman, she has Fibro. I wonder if my co-worker/friend/sibling/etc. is crazy too. So thanks TLC, for both giving us more exposure and putting the cause back. I'm not sure if I'm happy about it or sad, that now if I tell someone I have Fibro they will think of a crazy hoarder woman down south who hid stuff she picked up in the trash in her bushes so her husband didn't know she had it.

*Hoarders are people with a complex OCD that manifests itself in them buying and then keeping objects that they do not need but retain a connection to. Because of the connection they often times can not let go of their collections. Extreme hoarders are just that, they have so many things in their houses and on their property that it is no longer safe. Just an FYI.


  1. So . . . in pain all the time, constantly fatigued, increasingly disabled and anxious? Wow, I can't imagine why. Duh.

  2. I wonder sometimes if doctors and people in general underestimate the strain being in chronic pain puts on you mentally.


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