Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I slept with Tiger Woods

Dear media:
You can not underestimate how much I do not care about who Tiger Woods slept with. My interest level with Tiger Woods has always been pretty low, and at the moment you are now treading deep into irritation territory. I am sure there are people out there who care if his wife was taken to the hospital last night, I am not one of them. This should not be your lead story (hint: the huge storm could be your lead story. Just an idea).
Dear media, leave the guy alone. Yeah, he probably cheated with everyone with the proper parts and a pulse. Whatever, I really don't care. I feel kind of sorry for his family who now have this being splashed all over the world.
Dear media, knock it off and get on to real news, hmm?

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  1. Welcome back. I am sick of hearing about Tiger and his penis also. I don't care when the tabloids and such go on about crap like this because I don't read them but when it becomes big enough that I have to hear about it, I get a little nauseous.


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