Thursday, December 17, 2009

People geeks love

It's not a secret I'm a geek. I was thinking of my favorite movies of this decade thus far and found a large number of them are really stereotypical "geek" movies. I mean, Star Trek? Iron Man? 28 Days Later? I tend toward geek. It's smart and funny in a biting kind of way. Kind of bitter, which makes sense since it's humor for people who were picked on.
But, while thinking of some of these movies and shows (and books, can't forget books) and of my post a few days ago I realized that geek stuff has a fair share of really hot people. We have Quinto as Spock and Sylar (does he get extra credit for being two iconic geek characters?) We have Doctors 9 and 10, Eccleston and Tennant. We have Elizabeth Michell from Lost. We have Robert Downey Jr. I'm claiming him for geek women now that he's not only done two Iron Man's but has played Sherlock Holmes. I could go on and on. I did at home, I wrote most of it down and have quite a list.
But I started to wonder, could we sell this massive amount of hotness to other people? Do people realize how many talented people could be counted as "geek". Do that many talented people count themselves as geek? I would love to try to get all this info together into one place, a blog or a book or something. A list of people geeks love and why. I am kind of flighty, but I really love this idea. So maybe in the New Year I'll be starting a place for this, and asking of help. After all, I can't get a list of people geeks love (or people who love to be geeks) without the help of other people. Then it would be a list of people I love and not as interesting.

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