Friday, December 11, 2009

The stupid, it burns

LGF was evil enough last night to post a link to Conservapedia's article on Black Holes.
Now, just ponder that for a moment folks. Conservapedia, the people slowly rewriting history to match their crazy fundamentalist views and are revising the Bible itself because it is too liberal, talking about a concept that scientists don't completely understand. Really, what could go wrong?
The article itself is a mass of revisions and corrections and arguments. Like a regular scientific discussion except these guys are trying to disprove black holes by explaining that since the Bible doesn't mention them they can't be real.
I am not joking.
If you have a few moments and care to wallow in stupid, have yourself a read. It certainly is interesting.


  1. It's brilliant, I wish those folks would spend all their time arguing about the existence of black holes. The guy bringing the bible into is very special. If that is what Conservapedia is all about, I'm all for it. I especially like that Andy Schlafly himself gets involved in the intricacies of the debate. Did you see him on Colbert? If not definitely check it out.

  2. I did see him on Colbert. Talk about out of your depth. You could see that he couldn't tell if Colbert was making fun of him or not, and he was rip pissed that Colbert told the Nation to edit things on Conservapedia. I'm not really sure what Schlafly was thinking going on.

  3. That was a beautiful interview with Colbert at his finest. The entire section where they were talking about how people put together the truth by consensus made Schlafly look like a complete moron. Although his constipated laugh and blank expression really didn't help...


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