Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lost Blogging (finally!)

Spoilers abound as usual...

I know, I skipped last week. Partly because of a blizzard and partly because I could care less what Kate does. Although, I will touch upon one thing, Josh Holloway actually made me tear up when he was on the dock and told Kate he was going to ask Juliet to marry him. Out of all the characters I think Sawyer is the most fractured, he came the farthest and then lost it all when Jack and his pals returned.
Which brings us to...
FakeLocke finding him. Of course he would. He's looking for people who are fractured and vulnerable. Which is exactly what he said Jacob did too. Interesting. So he finds Sawyer, why bother with Richard? It's becoming obvious that Richard is little more than a priest like figure to Jacob, acting on faith, not real information. Jacob made him immortal, he does whatever Jacob says. It makes more sense than a lot of the motivations of the people on the Island.
Ben is also vulnerable. He' s had his entire belief structure shaken to the core. Why did FakeLocke abandon him? Because he knows that Ben will follow him when he gets back? We shall see.
And who the hell is Ilana??

Speculation says:
Ilana is Jacob's daughter. Yeah, I know. Prove me wrong Lost writers.
Hurley ends up being the Island's protector. It makes sense. He's becoming more and more confident. Much like he is in the alternate timeline. And Jacob does seem to like him a lot.
I have no theories on the alternate timeline. I honestly don't see where they are going with this outside of a neat thing showing how their lives would have still touched if they hadn't crashed.
That's about it for now. Any ideas?

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