Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm getting kind of irritated by snow

I'm just saying.
The day after Thanksgiving my brother moved in with me. He got laid off in San Diego, walked to Santa Barbara, took a bus to San Francisco, and then gave up on CA and came back to the East Coast.
My brother is Christian, but not one of those wacko ones, he's one of the quiet ones. I'm not. My kid is not going to be introduced to a religion until she is much older (which was a decision that led to a very funny moment at a fair when some fundie asked her if she had ever heard of Jesus and she gave the fundie a very blank look). She asked me one day after my brother came back if she could go to church. I explained to both the kid and my brother that when she got older I would happily take her to any old church she wanted to go to, but not when she was four. Because at four it might be kind of scary. My brother took the hint and has not mentioned anything overtly religious to her again.
Which shows you what kind of person he is. A fundie would have freaked out and probably dragged her to a church. My brother backed off, and respected my wishes. There are good reasonable Christians out there. I kind of wish they would speak up more. All we ever heard about is the Religious Right, and it gives Christians a very bad name.


  1. any time i start absolutely hating christians as a group (which is a risk with the type of blogging i do), i stop by the slacktivist and lull myself with his kind, quiet evangelism-by-example.

    your brother sounds very cool.

    and, church is hella scary at 4. i was convinced for years that satan would come and get me every time i had a bad thought. i tend towards bad thoughts. my whole childhood was swallowed up in that.

    my SIL allows my niece to go to church occassionally, now that she is 9. she's at an age to question, which she does, so it's okay.

  2. I love Slacktivist. I meant to comment on this earlier but forgot. Damn you freak snow-storm!!
    Anyway, I also stop by his place when I'm feeling a strong hatred towards Christians of all shapes or sizes. I will also stop by Real Live Preacher, who is more of a works rather than words guy in TX, just trying to make his world a better place. I like those Christians. I wish they were all like that.


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