Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What I've learned...

I've never dealt extensively with lawyers, I handled my divorce myself, so no lawyer needed there. So I wasn't sure what to expect when I hired my lawyer last week.
However I have been really pleasantly suprised by the experience so far. I wasn't sure how in the loop I would be kept after the inital consultation, but he's really been listening to what I have to say, and for the most part he's been including my concerns on the whole deal into the response. Some things have been left out, etc, but for the most part I feel like an active participant and I wasn't sure I would be. Like maybe the guy was just going to take over and just tell me when to show up.
I also learned that four year old girls are almost absurdly dramatic. The kiddo is really starting to learn her own mind, and she is one heck of an actress. In a B-movie kind of way. God love her!
Something on CNN caught my eye this morning, and it was Obama's stance on Muslims, that he will try to actually, you know, be nice to them instead of declaring every living Muslim is our enemy and trying to kill them all. I imagine that Fundies who hear that are going to have a collective stroke, they already "know" that Obama is a Muslim sleeper agent here to take over the US, here is proof!! Of course I think it's a pretty good move, after all we really can't afford to alienate one of the fastest growing religious populations in the world, now can we?
I also hope that this is going to start to ease the US into a more tolerant mindset. For the past 8 years we have been in that "if you aren't us you're our enemy and we will destroy you" mindset, which has been unspeakably destructive to our psyche, not to mention our global standing. Here's hoping that it ends.


  1. I work for a laywer, and he's really great. Your lawyer is actually your advocate, so his job is to advise you, but ultimately take your orders.

    Girls are the ultimate in melodrama. My niece is 9 now, and in all my years of raising her, I have never seen such melodrama! Everything is the biggest deal ever. She'll just die! She just CAN'T live without it! What will we do?!

    I'd say this gets better, but I have nieces who are teens and adults, and no, it doesn't. Teenagers are even worse.

  2. Oh I can only imagine when she hits the teen years. She'll probably drive me nuts! Maybe I'll encourage her to join the drama department or something, find an outlet for the acting, hahah.
    I tend to forget that lawyers are working for you, and considering the amount of money I just shelled out for this guy you'd think I would remember that!


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