Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Right wing craziness

I haveto admit I don't always see where the Right is coming from, but man I saw this coming. The absurd and catty behaviour towards our new First Lady.
Personally, I really like Michelle Obama, she is a strong woman, she is well educated, is a mother of two wonderful little girls, had a very successful career, and is one hell of a good looking lady married to one hot man. In short, she is pretty much everything I would like to be.
Which would make this remarkable woman everything that the Right hates in a woman. And then add the fact that she is black. You betcha that is going to make them mad.
These woman who are picking apart what she wears, her gloves, her hair, and so on, are those petty little queen bee's from high school. But they don't know they are in high school anymore and they don't get that the nerdy girl who knew all the answers in fact did get the guy, the job, the family, and the house. You know, the White House.
Looking at the Obama's in contrast to the Bush's I have to say, the Obama's look presidental. Bush kind of looked like a schmuck there at the end. Granted, the man didn't have a worry in the world, what with him passing this whole mess on to the new guy, but damn, he could have combed his hair or something.
I'm hoping that this bodes well for us as a country, that this calm confidence is in fact what Obama is made of and that he can see us through this mess. Man, I'm hoping.
In the mean time I'm wondering where I can see what Michelle is wearing today, because she sure is made of win.

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