Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday randomness

First off, welcome to Rhiggs. Thank you for your input, I do feel better knowing Gaelic is that hard to learn! But I'm working my way through it.
Second, I watched A Haunting in Conneticut this weekend. For a movie based on a hoax, it was pretty good. They cut out the Warrens altogether (thank GOD), and spiced up the story quite a bit. They also went with making Matt likeable, as opposed to the raving psycho he actually was.
Third, I watched another movie this weekend (can you tell the kiddo was at her dad's?), The Hamiltons. Low budget horror flick. Took it about half an hour to get it's legs, and for the director to get the courage to just do it already, and once it did, it was really quite good. I expected a campy movie, all "serious" but really filled with Bruce Campbell acting even if the actors don't realize that's the note they are hitting. All in all, I was impressed.
Finally, Mother Nature. I live on a ridge, it's decently higher than the surrounding area. When my yard floods? That means there is too much freaking rain. So please stop it already. Please.


  1. Just starting watching Lost. (You can instantly stream 4 seasons of Lost to your xbox or computer from Netflix, and you're always blogging about it, so I figured why not?)

    Wow. I'm 8 episodes in and hooked. Hooked!

    Anyway, thanks for taking away all my free time.

  2. Hahahah, you're welcome! Just wait, the show is only getting started.

  3. And Sayyed? Oh dear nothing at all, the tanned Middle Eastern muscles- apparently I have no self control when it comes to Arabs. Which, since I live in PA, works out quite well.

  4. Oh I know, I have such a crush on Sayid. The only person who surpases Sayid in my mind is Richard Alpert, but you won't meet him for a while. He's "Eye-liner guy", you'll notice him right away. :swoon:


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