Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My new hero

Lots of peole go unsung in this country. A man who is doing a very brave thing is Dr. LeRoy Carhart. Dr. Carhart is going to open a late term abortion clinic to fill in the gap left by Dr. Tiller's murder. This is outstandingly brave, especially since now he knows that these nutjobs are more than willing to kill him for providing a sensitive and important service for women in need.
I know for a fact I would never have the balls to do anything like that. No matter where you stand on this topic you have to admire the fact that he is doing this.
Of course on the flip side, Operation Rescue, the anti-aborition, fetus fetishist group that spawned Dr. Tiller's murderer is just tickled that Dr. Carhart is reopening the clinic. They have another focus for the rage that is cultivated in their group. How long before someone tries to kill Dr. Carhart?


  1. 0.1 seconds. they're already plotting it.

    interesting (if gross) fact: you know those horrible "partial birth abortions" where they suck out the fetuses brain, blahblahblah?

    they designed the procedure that way so the fetus could be removed from the woman without dilating the cervix too far and without marking up the fetus' face, the the parents would have the opportunity to hold the body before burying it. in other words, the procedure was designed to help grieving parents.

    the more you know.

  2. And yet the parents are supposed to be the monsters who decided on a whim to kill the child. I think it is crystal clear who the monsters are.


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