Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh, this will not end well

Thank you to Instaputz for letting us all know that World Net Daily has lost their ever loving minds and published a copy of the Kenyan "Birth Certificate" of Barak Obama. When Little Green Foorballs says it's a fake, it probably is. When Karl "Turd blossom" Rove says it is a fake, it probably is.
And when one of your nutball "Birthers" shoots our president because of your fear mongering I hope someone brings you down.

Edit: Oops, that was Crooks and Liars, not Instaputz.


  1. Isn't everyone's birth certificate signed by detergent? Mine's signed by Tide!

  2. That thing could be signed by Skippy the Clown and those birthers would still believe it. Because they want so badly for the brown man to not be president.


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