Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I got to see Orly Taitz on The Colbert Report last night. A few things to mention...

1) Orly, in LOL Cat your name means "Oh Really?", and since I find myself saying that over and over again when I hear you speak I'll go with it, but it is distracting.
2) I'm sorry, what part of the country is that accent from? Yeah, that's what I though. Hows about not lecturing people on US law.
3) Speaking of which, you are a lawyer, dentist, real estate agent. How the hell is that working out for you?
Why are people taking this woman seriously?


  1. Yeah, it's the racism. Otherwise, who in their right mind hires a lawyer who can also fill your cavities and sell your house?

  2. All the while yelling at you incoherently in an amazingly thick accent. I know I'd line up for that!


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