Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The lovely, mad teabaggers are going Galt. Yes, on July 30th they are calling in Conservative, so if no one shows up on your office you know why. They are batshit insane.
These people honestly don't seem to even know what they are protesting now. What is the point of calling out, or going Galt? To shut down the economy? Yes, that's a grand plan. To prove we can't do it without them? Trust me, we can. And probably better, because no offense, you guys aren't rocket scientists. You think that Ann Freaking Rand is da bomb.
This is yet another pointless protest on the part of these wingnuts. It wastes time and energy, and seems to have no point other than creating the mindless mantra (in this case, "Going Galt") that keeps these people from thinking and makes them very susceptable to outside direction.
In short, this goofs are being played and they don't see it. How very sad.
Teabagging. Hee!

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