Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Randomness

It's time for the return of Friday Randomness!!

A co-worker walked in on a really strange conversation I was having with a salesman the other day. We're both avid gardeners, and both dealing with the similar PA soil situation. In short, we have clay. So we were discussing effective and inexpensive ways to make the soil workable without simply carting in top soil. Apparently most people don't know about the term loam, because we did get a look. Gardening rookies.

BBC America had a sneak peak of the new Torchwood mini series. Wow, looking good guys. I love that Jack and Ianto are such a cute couple. Yeah, couple.

Michael Jackson is still in the damn news. I'm going to say it now, and hopefully never again: I. Do. Not. Care. Not at all. Not one wit. Stop talking about it. Christ.

The Daily Show's recent bit on Obama's healthcare plan and the panic surrounding it was fantastic. It was on the July 15th show, and if you get a chance go ahead and watch it.

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  1. there was a rally held on the corner yesterday, in front of the hospital, for healthcare. a woman had a bullhorn and there were people with signs that said "healthcare can't wait." i thought that was ironic because i know that healthcare is the foremost thing being worked on right now, so much so that everything else had been put on hold.


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