Monday, July 13, 2009

The Devil in the White City

I'm a late comer to this book, I have only just hit a non-fiction kick and this was a book I was lucky enough to pick up at a thrift store.
It is two captivating tales, the story of the Columbia World Exposition in Chicago, and the story of the serial killer H.H. Holmes. Now, being a particular fan of crazy people, I had heard of H.H. Holmes before, the man who killed women in most creative ways. He created the "Murder Castle" in Chicago and is generally refered to as America's first serial killer.
Telling the gory tale of Holmes along with the tale of planning and building the Fair was brilliant. As story telling goes, this is by far one of the best non-ficton books I have ever ready. It is paced beautifully and written in such a way that you can connect with the story.
So let me recommend it to anyone looking for a good true crime story, or just anyone looking for a good read.

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