Thursday, July 30, 2009

Honestly, you are NOT middle of the road

Sometimes, as I wander around the internet, I come across people screaming and yelling that Obama is a far right conservative, just like McCain. I love it when people do this, because they think they are middle of the road, or possibly left-leaning. They are a whole lot closer to the left's version of those wingnuts who thought Bush was too liberal. I just hope they don't turn into our TeaBaggers.


  1. Beh, Obama's not far right. Of course, he's no liberal, not by a longshot. He's a center-right moderate, just like a majority of the Democratic party.

    And John McCain, he's no far right whackjob either. He's farther right than Obama, but I'd say he's closer to center than he is to the lunatic fringe. McCain is, however, a political opportunist who will bow to whatever insanity that he needs to in order to get himself elected - which is more a definition of his political stance than any left-center-right chart out there.

  2. Leigh

    I am sorry that this is off topic but I have a new post on my blog, inspired by some recent comments of yours. I am hoping to start a discussion. You may see it on your updates but I wanted to extend a personal invitation to you to visit.

  3. Ryk, thank you so much! I will be pleased to participate. I'm thinking of my response as we speak!

    Comhradh, He is a centrist, which is fine, it's what we need. Along with someone who is reasonable and sane. Unfortunatly most people seemed to think we were electing the left's answer to Bush, which we weren't. And the real nutjobs think he is a complete sell out. Honestly I don't think they understand politics at all though, so they had a warped view of what he would do.


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