Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I had the joy of seeing Michelle Malkin on the Today Show this morning. How can anyone take that woman seriously anymore? She has the same manic paranoia in her eyes that you see in Palin's eyes. You can look at her face and say, "This woman is unbalanced."
Malkin has a new book out, that her rabid followers have dutifully snapped up. According to Red State it is some kind of attack in President Obama. I have not read the book but I think I can safely say, "Okay..." (follow with blank stare). Malkin tends to fill in her gaps of knowledge with a massive amount of screaming. Her column is vastly entertaining because of this.
She is yet another example of how nutty the wingnuts are becoming. Pandering to a base of paranoid, gun toting, sociopaths is NOT good. I repeat, NOT GOOD.
We really need to stop putting that woman in the air, it's only encouraging them.


  1. hey michelle, you're one of the brown people! they don't like you, no matter how loudly you scream their lies.

    just thought she might want to know.

  2. I think she knows, that's why she is screaming so loud.

  3. We lost cable in our place a while back, but back when we had it, I would be unable to change the channel when she was on. I think, somehow, "attractive southeast Asian commentator" is less appealing to me than "batshit insane, neocon, attractive southeast Asian commentator". There was a Playboy article to that effect that generated some controversy recently.

    But yeah, what PF said. It's not gaining her any ground.


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