Monday, July 6, 2009

Dead fish do what?

When I heard my beloved Evita Palin quit I almost came back online to blog about it, despite my promise to myself to stay offline. So instead I called my brother, told him, and we both had a good laugh about it.
We mainly laughed about how wildly incoherent that speech was. Did you listen to it? Any of it? It was like a stream of consciousness essay written by a high school freshman. Not only did she do something completely stupid, but she did it in the worst possible way. I keep wondering if she has had some kind of breakdown up there in Alaska. That is why she keeps believing that the media is attacking her family, not that she keeps dragging her family into the spotlight. Maybe she does need a rest, because she is starting to lose what little grip on reality she had.
And why quit? From a political perspective it was suicide. The only people who will follow her now are the devoted 21% wing nut crowd, everyone else is now convinced she actually is the nutcase we all thought she might be. There is a small chance that she realized that she isn't just bad at being a governor and politician, but she is absolutely terrible at it and quit because of that. But I doubt it.
What ever the reason the fact remains that it was a stupid move on her part. And I applaud her because it means that we get to keep seeing her being weird an incoherent and not have to worry about the people of Alaska being screwed over.

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  1. I enjoyed the sports analogy, which if carried a little further would have been: and if you have any hope of winning, you must leave the stadium. the farther you get from the stadium, the better your chances of winning. once you get to the moon, you've won it all!


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