Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All hot and bothered

A long time ago I stopped reading Ann Coulter because she caused my blood pressure to rise so much I was afraid I'd have a stroke. I'm coming to the same place when it comes to the abortion debate, all because of comments like this one on PBS's web site. PBS!

""The term "rightwing", as used to define a specific type of extremism...."You guys are great. We are extremists because we don't like to see babies dismembered.No one condones Tiller's murder. He was a horror of a man, but surely deserved a chance like the rest of us. I don't, though, think that he deserved extra protection any more than pedophiles, who are soon to be a special protected group under this regime. Back in Clinton's day, tax payers gave Tiller the same type of protection as the president himself, thanks to Janet Reno. Is this really who we are? Do we REALLY stand by abortion to this degree in this country? Tiller called these children he killed "babies." He knew this was infanticide. There is no confusion here. He didn't deserve special protection any more than anyone else. He chose his career just like high rise window cleaners chose theirs. It is a bad occupation which made him a target to another nutjob who was willing to kill."

Yes, that's right, this person actually says dismember's babies, and manages to drag the truely insane idea that pedophiles will be protected in some way by the "regime". This is the person tat is out there protesting abortions by showing pictures of dead babies. This person who says that Dr. Tiller was a horror of a man because he saved babies and mothers untold pain and suffering.
This is the face of anti-abortion people. Not pro-life because these people don't give a shit about life, they just don't want abortions to happen.
This is why my blood pressure skyrockets.

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