Tuesday, June 16, 2009

PA Library funding in danger

For everyone in beautiful PA, the state budget is being unveiled and they are once again slashing library budgets. However this year the cuts they propose are so deep that they will elminiate all children's programs, they will cut outreach programs to schools, they will cut hours and staff and shut down branches. Your local library? There is a good chance it will close. Considering that membership in libraries has more than doubled since the economic downturn, and that enrollment in children's programs has shot up since children are no longer going to day care, it is safe to say that the state is going to be closing an inportant resourse.
Go to the PA library page, and write your represenative and Gov. Rendell and express your feelings about this measure. Or we may lose over 1/2 of the libraries in this state. It may not mean much in rural areas, but in the cities they will be closing one of the few safe places for kids to go.


  1. of course, it's only knowledge. *sigh*

  2. The kiddo is devistated right now, she goes to a library story time and craft every week, and the idea of not having it anymore is really making her upset.
    I really hate that they are doing this. God forbid they should cut the amount of money they give the bloody Mummers and the sports teams to give keep the libraries open.


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