Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday randomness

Instead of Friday Randomness, sorry about that folks...

This weekend I got to watch two movies, "Mirrors" and "The Devil's Rejects". I'm a late comer to both, and both were pretty good in their own ways. I liked "The Devil's Rejects" better, I have a soft spot for Rob Zombie's movies.

My brother made it out to CA safe and sound. On the way he saw snow over the high plains. I can't even imagine, snow in June. It's weird when we get snow in April. But snow this late would be too much.

I kept hearing about the Swine Flu over the weekend. Apparently PA had their first death of it over the weekend. I thought it was over. How strange. I either haven't been paying attention or they stopped talking about it. The news has such a fleeting attention span.

I'm very excited about my newest book buys, a biography of Anne Boleyn and one of Henry the VIII. Yay! I loved being able to buy used books online, And while I was there I pre-ordered Lost's Season 5. Also Yay!!

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