Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh, aren't you cute when you're confused

So it seems that Michael Goldfarb (not a made up name) over at the Weekly Standard is confused...

Obama has said before that he speaks "barely passable Spanish" and "a smattering of Swahili," as well as some Bahasa from his youth in Indonesia. But Obama has at other times denied speaking a foreign language, saying in July of last year, "I don't speak a foreign language. It's embarrassing!" And even today, Michelle Obama is delivering the commencement address at Washington Math, Science, Technology Public Charter School, where Mark Knoller reports that she implored graduates to learn a language, and that both she and the president "regret they never learned another language."
It seems there is some legitimate confusion on just what languages Obama speaks, and as far as Arabic, the only real hint has came from Nick Kristof, who heard Obama recite the Muslim call to prayer in Arabic and with a "
first-rate accent" back in 2007. With even the White House now smearing Obama as a Muslim, one wonders if the president hasn't been concealing some greater fluency with the language of the Koran."

Mr. Goldfarb (seriously, how great is that name? Farb. Hee!) seems to not understand that there is a difference between "a smattering" or "barely passable" and fluent in.
I know a smattering of a number of other languages, and am barely passable in Spanish, but I am in no way fluent in anything. So if you asked me I would say I don't speak another language. Because I don't I occassionally mangle them, but I don't speak them.
I do love that this guy has his panties in a bunch over the fact that President Obama knows a couple words in Arabic. He is so paranoid that he is seeing a conspiracy where there is none. Hell, less than none.
Jesus these people need to adjust their meds or something.


  1. You know, I've picked up a couple of words in Arabic . . .

    oh, noes! I'm a sleeper agent for alQueda!

  2. Ooo, I am so turning you in!!


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