Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yay! Time for Randomness!

I watched Discovery's Men vs. Wild last night, which was Bear taking Will Farrell out into the wilds of Sweden. I love both those guys, and enjoyed the show quite a bit. I really loved that Bear couldn't tell when Will was joking, he took everything seriously, which was awesome! And totally something I would do! Heh.

My brother left this morning on his Great Walk (it gained proper noun status about a week ago). He'll be hiking the Pacific Coast Trail. What's funny is that California is so broke that they are closing parks, such as those along the trail. My brother is thrilled, because that means he doesn't need back woods passes to hike the trail (so the rangers know you are in the park).

The new Twilight movie hasn't even been released yet and I am tired of hearing about it. I'm thrilled that people are reading, I really really am, but couldn't they read something...better? Teenage girls? Allow me to introduce you to Artemis Fowl (also applies to teenage boys). Or Percy Jackson, both of which are series that feature extremely strong and compassionate female main characters who same the day. Wonderful role models. Or the Series of Unfortunate Events, which is chock full of strong women. Seriously, the women in Twilight are sociopathic. Christ, don't emulate them.

That is all for randomness.


  1. I was thrilled my niece, who has a mild learning disability, was reading Twilight. Until I read the first two pages of the second novel. Which involved an 18 year old girl obsessing about how old and wrinkly she was getting.

  2. I know! It's crazy! The girl is so self-centered and obsessed it's scary. There are better books to read with better role-models.


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