Friday, June 12, 2009

Hey Evita

Ms Palin, have you had a bit of a nip/tuck? Because I saw you this morning and honey, no one's eyebrows are that high up naturally.
Also, let the freaking Letterman thing go. Were his jokes in bad taste? Yes, of course. Was he talking about Willow? No. Don't be daft. No one thought he was but you. Everyone knew he meant Bristol. Now he'll pay for saying some tasteless things, but he's a comedian and they are paid to do that kind of thing. No one is keeping it in the news but you Miss Freaky Eyebrows.
Oh, and freaking good luck with that pipeline. I mean it, you're going to need it. I've read about the logistics of the thing, and it sounds like a nightmare.


  1. no, i'm not surprised to see you- why do you ask?

  2. i saw her pop up on screen this morning and they were getting ready to talk to her, and i said "no!!" i changed the channel to fox. thats how much i hate hearing that voice. i would rather have the inane banter of fox than that woman.

  3. God her voice is the thing nightmares are made of. And now that she's had work done she's really starting to round out the harpy look. It's kind of amazing.


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