Thursday, June 18, 2009


OK, here's the thing. It was a fucking fly. The president killed a fucking fly. Not a kitten, or a condor, or a bloody dodo. A fly.
Are you not aware of how many flies there are in the world? Of the disease that they spread. How how damn annoying they are?
Are you not aware that people think you are a joke for sending the president a "humane bug catcher"?
Are you just fucking with us these days?
I mean, I am a soft touch. I can't watch SPCA commercials without wanting to adopt all the animals. I save all manner of critters when I can. Flies? Not so much. I let the cats hunt them ruthlessly, and if my huntresses can't get it, I will. Same with ants. Generally if it spreads disease? It isn't staying in my house. Or alive.
Get over yourselves.

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