Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dangerous Places

We got a call from my step-sister last night. She is stationed in Iraq in the same location that the shooting happened yesterday (the soldier who opened fire in a couciling clinic killing five people). She was two doors down from where the shooting happened. Scary stuff, especially since that is where you are supposed to be safe. Hell, no weapons are allowed in that facility. Fat lot of good that did.
However, she is cautiously optimistic about that general being fired. She says that he really was a good general, if you're fighting WWII. No so good for insurgency though. She has also said that the troops in general love the fact that Obama keeps doing crazy things like listening to them. How about that?


  1. Good luck to your sister. Things like this make me happy I voted for Obama, because it makes me feel like I had a teeny, tiny little part in making someone safer.

  2. I feel the same way. And it makes me happy to know that he is actually listening to the people who are doing the fighting, and that is what is influencing his decisions. Not some advisor who has never even been to Iraq.


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