Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"What about me?"

Ben asked that of Jacob (the god-like guy) in the season finale in Lost. Jacob, god-like, answers, "What about you?" And at the time I thought, Oh if I had a dime for every time I had that question and answer session.
One of the things that bugs me about Christian's view of their god is this assumtion that they have that God watches each and every one of them personally. Over the years I've dealt with a few different gods, and quite frankly even with the nice ones that never seems to be the case. They care, in a kind of distant fashion, because they want you to do things, but they don't care like people care.
The gods show up in your life for different reasons, sometimes they want you to do work for them, sometimes something going on in your life is big enough to grab their attention. However, they rarely show up out of some deep caring for you. And if they have a job for you to do, or want you to serve them in some way, then the question above will always be answered, "What about you?" Because you aren't the biggest thing in that picture.


  1. Once I'd had my mind blown with just how insignificant I really am in the grand scope of things, the rest of Christianity kind of came tumbling down like a house of cards.

    (That, and realizing that the Bible was so completely flawed as to be incomprehensible.)

    I think that is why people cling to it so tightly, though - God is looking out for *you* and he's gonna get you through this personally! Cutting people off from the notion that there's an all powerful deity cradling them every step of the way is like cutting them off from air.

  2. Leigh, totally unrelated, but really important. PA is dusting off the Marriage Protection Act. You're the only other person online that I know lives in PA, and I'm hoping you have a few minutes to email your representatives and tell them not to do it.


  3. PF - Make that two people in PA. I'm in Ye Olde Norristown.

    I heard about the MPA crap on the radio today. It's apparently a response to some godless commie Democrat attempting to add sexuality to the state non-discrimination laws. The guy who is trying to reintroduce the MPA says that same-sex marriage is not normal and "sinful," you know, completely unlike his cotton-polyester blend sweater and lobster dinner.

  4. Com.:Over the years I've come to believe that some people somply can't handle the idea that they aren't the most important thing out there. And that extends to the idea that even God is looking at them. It doesn't matter what religion they are, they will always believe that, just they seem to gravitate to Christianity.
    But man, we sure are small, aren't we?
    PF: Thanks for the heads up! I shot off a couple of emails.

  5. What I find funny/strange is that God is more interested in what you do wrong, then what you do right.. he's watching alright, but he ain't helping so fear him sure, but why love him?


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