Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miss California

I think it would go without saying that I wouldn't be too terribly thrilled with Miss California and the "firestorm" around her (gee, thanks wingnuts for whipping that one up). However she did teach me one thing, watch what I say around the kiddo.
Last night they did a story about her on the news (Miss California, not the kiddo), and the kiddo told me that she though Miss California was beautiful. I replied without really thinking that being pretty didn't make her any less of a bigot. Which, of course, led to me trying to explain that this pretty woman said some mean and hateful things about people, and that some people thought that she was right, and some people thought that she was wrong, and this would be why we can't judge books by their covers.
I suppose it's good that the kiddo is learning these things, but she's four, and occassionally I'd really like her to be a kid. Sometimes she seems like a little adult, like when she told me that to aliens from other planets, we would be aliens. What four year old gets that concept? I don't know what to do with her sometimes.

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