Monday, May 11, 2009


Yesterday was Mother's Day, which means it was Mercer Fest here in Bucks County. And that means the Give and Take Jugglers! I love juggling, and the Give and Take Jugglers are a small troop here in SE PA that have been operating for decades now. My brother and I watched them when we were little, and obviously the line up has changed, but they are still great. Yesterday was a real treat, the original two performers (and founders) performed. They are older than dirt but still fantastic.
You know, people keep talking about how we need to make it illegal to text and drive. Dude, I can barely text while sitting on my couch (stupid small keys), much less driving. How do people even do that?
President Obama is pretty funny. Is there anything that guy can't do?


  1. OMSD, that man is FUNNY! I laughed myself silly.

  2. His joke about finishing the next 100 days in 72? Awesome.


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