Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Randomness

They found the remains of a body near the home of Stacy Peterson. Of course Stacy is the missing wife of Drew Peterson, the man who has run through 4 wives to date, two missing, one dead of suspicious causes. He has been charges with the death of that one. There is a chance that this body is Stacy, and if it is I hope they charge him with her murder too. Man is freaky.

I'm going to finally get to see Star Trek this weekend. All I keep hearing is how awesome it is, and damn it I want to see it! While I don't like Star Trek the way other people do (I'm a Star Wars geek, thank you) I do find it entertaining and I like J.J. Abrams as a director.

Sarah Palin has picked a co-author for her upcoming book. Lynn Vincent has written a number of ultra-conservative books, so this ought to be an awesome book! I really hope that Palin has some kind of hand in writing this, because if she does it will be the bestest book evar!!11!!

A quick hello to all my lurkers! I have changed my comments to allow all posters, so if you want to comment on something, or point out where I screwed up, and don't want to sign into blogger, feel free. Comments will be moderated now, however. As long as you don't get out of hand I'll publish pretty much anything.

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