Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Randomness

Randomness time...

I may be a good Irish woman, but I really hate Danny Boy. With a passion. Though occassionally I'll give it a pass, if John Lithgow is singing it.

So, if on Lost, Jacob hasn't used the cabin in a long time, does that mean that Christian was actually Jacob's buddy? That makes a lot more sense. And is Eloise working for him, or simply working off her son's journal?

People, if it's foggy, turn on your damn headlights. And maintain a safe following distance. Come on now.

I really don't care if the John and Kate Gosselin are having affairs. And I don't understand why anyone else cares outside of John and Kate. Though, having watched the show, I have to say she seems awful.

That is all...


  1. for a while now i was wondering what was up with Locke. he just seemed way too sure of himself, or cocky, or somehting. something just seemed so off with him, but i chalked it up to his whole death experience thing and how he's all funny about having a destiny and all. i figured he was somehow more enlightened all of a sudden. but it still irked me.

    also, i was wondering if juliette will go through something like what happened to desmond when he was in the center of the explosion at the hatch.

    i feel like the episode answered some small questions, but opened up a couple more. i want to know what is in the shadow of the statue!

  2. Well, as Richard said, what lies in the shadow of the statue is, "Ille qui nos omnes servabit", of course he said it in a terrible spanish accent and confused the living hell out of me, but that's what you get when you cast a Cuban actor and ask him to speak latin. No wonder we never saw Nestor Carbonell speaking Latin after it was introduced as a plot point.
    It translates to "He who will protect us all", and it seems to mean Jacob. Though now that Jacob is dead (or is he) who knows what that means.
    Oh man! I never thought of that about Juliet! Oh I hope that's true! Anything to have her not be dead, anything at all. She and Sawyer were such a good couple, and he broke my heart when he was trying to save her. I think he'll be a broken man if she doesn't come back somehow.

  3. "I may be a good Irish woman, but I really hate Danny Boy. With a passion."

    It's come to my attention that every good Irish person *should* hate Danny Boy, as it was written by some British fop living in America who had never even fucking been to Ireland.

  4. Oooh, maybe we'll get to see Juliet prancing naked about the jungle just like Des did!

  5. Ok, yeah I'd be cool with naked Juliet pracing around in the jungle, she's hot!
    Heh, I just rewatched the episode were naked Des shows up, that was awesome.
    Was Danny Boy really written by some British dude? Heh, I didn't even know that, I hate it because it's the most maudlin song that I encounter on a regular basis and it's irritating. Seriosuly, I have no idea why Irish people like that song, even if you're drunk it's annoying.


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