Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost blogging

Jesus Christ Lost! What the hell is wrong with you? Jesus. Why did you break my heart? Juliet, people, why Juliet?
OK, onward. You know, I really like Jacob. He seems pretty freaking cool. I wonder why he decided Richard shouldn't age. And who his buddy is.
Oh, and writers? I called Locke about two episodes ago. So thanks for giving me that. The whole thing seemed off.
And also thanks for giving me Miles, who helpfully said what I've been wondering, "What if your buddy Jack causes the incident that he's trying to prevent. I'm glad to see you thought this through." I have a feeling Miles is the voice of the geeks (and Hurley is the voice of the not-geeks, I suppose).
Oh Ben. Oh Ben.
I like getting more answers to little detail questions. The foot, what happened to Chang's arm (so I guess all that speculation was right, it was the incident), Sayid's wife dying, how did Locke survive his fall at all (so was Abaddon working for Jacob? Or for the other guy?), where were Bernard and Rose (how awesome was that?), etc.
However, Lost, I will never forgive you for Juliet, and you'd damn well better find a way to make her not have died. After setting off a bomb. Well, whatever, take it back.
And thank you for Sawyer beating the piss out of Jack. In fact, thank you for making this the beat the piss out of Jack episode in general.

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