Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Randomness

So, I never did talk about Lost this week, so let's touch on that first. Is Charlotte Ben's daughter? Dude, wouldn't that be awesome. Imagine how pissed he'll be when he finds out both his daughters were killed. Dude. I'm loving Locke's sacrifice. I'm loving that he didn't believe Richard when he was told he would have to die, but he sees it now and he's accepting it. Terry O'Quinn is an amazing actor.
This weekend is the kid's first alone visit with her dad. The kid is freaking out bad. I've said it before, this breaks my heart. Because it's breaking hers.
Fuel prices are on the rise in the shipping world, in a dramatic enough way that there is an office pool on where they will be next week. We're still down from our massive charges of earlier this year, but it's unsettling to see it going up. It means that the prices for regular gas will keep going up too.
Despite the housing bubble popping, I have still managed to keep the house. Next week I celebrate my one year anniversery there. Yay! I had a bit of good fortune, because Fanny May refused to back my mortgage when I applied, but I was going through my regular bank, so they gave me the mortgage anyway. The Fanny May crashed and burned, and I thought to myself, "Thank God I wasn't caught up in that mess!"
One of the interesting things is that my development is one of the carter Habitat for Humanity developments. The entire development is Habitat families, who worked on our houses, went through endless classes, and got everything in order before we signed any papers. The process to get a Habitat house can be anywhere from a year to three years, and you are working the entire time. A side effect of the screening process and constant classes is that despite being "low income" families, there has not been a single forclosure in my development. Go us!


  1. Habitat for Humanity creates by far the most stable neighborhoods in the US. It seems counterintuitive if you listen to the Republiscum- they're poor! and lazy! and immoral! they shouldn't have houses!- but HfH does amazing work and the families they choose represent what can happen when you believe in someone and give them real tools to help them succeed.

  2. That's why their motto is giving people a hand up, not a hand out.
    They are amazing, and I'm thrilled to still be doing work for them. It's a great experience.


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