Monday, February 16, 2009

Selling out for your kids

I do the damdest things for the kid. I really do. This weekend I celebrated Valentine's Day by giving her a gift bag full of little gifts. I hate Valentine's Day. Stupid holiday really, full of women trying to prove how much their men love them.
Each year we celebrate Easter. I set up a treasure hunt for her, and she follows the clues to her Easter basket. We celebrate the Easter bunny and chocolate version of Easter, not the dead guy version, but if I had my way we wouldn't celebrate it at all.
Same for Christmas.
I celebrate all kinds of secular holidays for the same reason a lot of pagan parents do, because if you want your kid to be "normal" they have to do what the majority does. And the majority does NOT celebrate Beltane. Though I think a lot of problems would be solved if they did.
The majority, as much as some of them hate to admit it, is Christian. You can also go with Jewish. Anything else and you're not going to have an easy life. And why make things worse for your kids? We all remember how hard it can be to be a kid. Try being the kid that doesn't celebrate Christmas.
Chrstians will be more than willing to tell you how awful it is for them, but seriously, they should try being the people who don't celebrate their holidays. It ain't a walk in the park not being Christian, let me tell you.
There are times when I want to just smack the people who piss and moan about being "persicuted for their faith". There are certainly times when I want to ask them what alternate world they live on that they really feel that people like me are trying to keep people like them from going to church or whatever it is that they do.
It is the people like them that make it necessary for me to celebrate holidays I don't believe in so my kid is normal and not made fun of at school. I wonder how they would like it if they had to do that? Excepting, of course, Beltane. Because who doesn't like a round of good sex?


  1. I would totally rather celebrate Beltane than either christmas or easter (yes, atheists do that, too), but no, you can't do that to kids. I remember those sad Jehovah's Witness kids that couldn't have christmas presents or blood transfusions.

    Honestly, I pretty much despise easter and christmas. I don't worship, so there's none of that in it for me. All that's left is days of obsessive cleaning followed by 18 hours straight of cooking. Generally, while everyone else is eating and enjoying themselves, I'm locked in the bathroom crying from exhaustion.

    Easter's even more worthless- I don't even get presents for that one!

  2. I know, all I get for Easter is a kid all hyped up on sugar! Stupid holiday, it really is.


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