Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost blogging

Excuse me while I geek right the hell out over last night's Lost.
No matter what complaints I've had about Locke and his spazzy character arc, one thing I will alwasy say is that Terry O'Quin plays him flawlessly. And my heart is still broken over last night's episode, because of how flawlessly he is playing Locke this year. I don't think Locke is a particularly easy character to play, he's got to tread that fine line between crazy and messiah, and he usually does that just fine.
The other fantastic performance was Emerson. Dude. Ben is such a fantastic character (I never have a complaint about his arcs, the man is a villain who lies like a rug, and that's pretty much it, simple is better) and since the beginging he has had a really interesting relationship with Locke. Last night felt like that total culmination of that relationship. Did anyone doubt that Ben would kill Locke? I don't think Ben showed up there expressly to kill Locke. He's sociopathic, but he's also very impulsive at times and I think killing Locke was a spur of the moment "I'm so mad" thing. I can't imagine why he showed up there in the first place (I am not buying that whole keeping them safe thing he's been selling, but I do love his line about Widmore being the reason why he moved the Island. Hee!), and as much as Ben lies I think he really didn't want Locke to kill himself, not exactly. Of course you can tell Ben is lying because he's talking.
That said, Ben? It didn't ocur to you that the Island would bring Locke back to life? Yeah, I'm not buying that either, because you are a long way from stupid. So why kill him just to bring him to a place where he will come back to life? That makes no sense. Do you think you'll be able to talk your way out of him being really pissed that you killed him? Because I don't think even you can do that. So what are you doing Ben?
And finally, why on earth does everyone claim to be the leader of the Others? Either the Others change leaders faster than some people change socks or they really aren't leaders. Maybe dear old Richard is a bit more of a leader than these people know. Of course who knows, Richard plays things close to the vest.
Right, OK, enough about Lost. For now.


  1. totally unrelated to lost, but I thought you might appreciate this

  2. I saw that this morning and it gave me quite a giggle!


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