Monday, February 9, 2009

A must read

If you will, please go over to the blog roll and read Homosecular Gaythiest's post "A Personal Economic Disaster Story". This is the face of our wonderful Bush world. This is his legacy.
Read that post and try not to cry, because you know someone like him. Or you are someone like him.
I read it and thought of my brother, who had a place to come to. I'm barely holding it together, but at least he has food and a place to live and warmth. So very many people don't. So very many people actually do chose between heat and eating, or a home and eating.
This is disgusting, and I hate that this is what the Bush policies have done. He has raped our society, and he has to pay.


  1. i'm one missed paycheck away from disaster myself. i know exactly what bush has done.

    the only people who think there is no economic crisis, and nothing needs to be done, are so rich that for them, that is true.

    i love how quickly blue collar factory workers went from "the backbone of america" to "welfare queens". seriously. we shouldn't extend unemployment benefits (taken out of your check every week while you work) because "that would encourage people to not look for a job".


  2. After my legal crisis I am down to nil. I am scraping by with the added strain of having my brother in the house. I'm just like millions of others, if I don't get a break soon me and my kid are going to be in dire straights.

  3. totally feel you. part of the reason i waited 3 weeks to see a doctor was the utter terror i have of having to take time off of work. i get 2 weeks of vacation. after that- no pay. if i get seriously ill and have to take time off to recover, we're screwed at my house.

  4. Can't even think about it. Day by day, that's how I roll. If not, I'd go under.

  5. It's sad that we have to write posts like this, but how very very true this is and so unbelievably unfortunate. I was never sooo happy to see another President come in, no one's perfect, but at least this one knows how to speak and structure a complete sentence :)


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