Wednesday, February 25, 2009

President who?

I can't help it. I always feel suprised when I see Obama as president. You know, you see him on TV or in pictures and he's walking around looking really presidental. Like he has a purpose, and knows where he's going, even if he's just going to lunch or something. Even when he's relaxed, he looks like he's relaxed with a purpose.
It's refreshing to see that we have a president who knows what the hell they are doing. Who has a purpose.
That said, why on earth is it OK for Fox News to broadcast nutsos talking about armed uprisings? Seriously? I was a "traitor" during the Bush years because I didn't support the war (my step sister was over there. I really didn't want to see her killed. My friends have family over there. I'm sure they didn't want their family killed. We're funny that way.) I never talked about armed uprisings. Occassionally I talked about taking the kid and going to Canada. So how are these nutsos not traitors? Oh right, because they are Republicans. I forgot.

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