Friday, February 6, 2009

Ray Comfort

Makes my head hurt. I mean it, Jesus how does he come up with this crap?
Let's look at this. We're both religious people (apparently, I'm assuming he's religious and not just nutso). He believes in this story of creation set forth from his holy book. My religion has a creation story too. I don't believe that they actually were telling me in literal terms how the world was born. I also don't believe that Odin actually died on the World tree, nor that there even is a World Tree. I'm heathen, not stupid.
It's a myth, people. Come on, say it with me. Myth. You're book? As much a myth as mine. It's a collection of neat stories that are meant to explain what people didn't understand. It's cool that there are similarities through cultures that help us understand the working of the human brain. There are bits of it that are true, and then bits of it that are made up, and then bits of it embellished at each telling, until you get what we have now. That's what it is. If science say that there was most likely a Big Bang and evolution it's OK to be a person of faith and still believe in science. My gods don't care if I believe in the Big Bang. They really don't. Because it doesn't affect my faith in them. See where I'm going here, Ray?
There is an actual middle ground between total blind belief in a book and renouncing your faith because of science. You kind of can have both. Dear god Ray, figure this out soon.


  1. Perhaps Odin will succeed where countless atheists have failed. Reading Ray's endless attempts to assert that atheists believe that nothing made everything finally allowed me to understand that old saying about beating dead horses.

    Conversion fail.

  2. I'm kind of worried about this idea that he has that if you aren't Christian you're a sociopath. That's kind of scary. I don't think Odin can do anything with that, that's just crazy-talk.
    Like everything else on that blog.


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