Friday, February 27, 2009

Free Speech

There was something I wanted to mention. I read today that there is a resolution up in the UN that is being voted on or whatnot to become a binding resolution. Apparently brought up by a muslim organisation it is a resolution stating that no religion will be blasphemied against in the UN.
I'm not going to pretend that I know what all of this means, I'm pretty sure that it doesn't actually apply to the US laws, but I'm really not sure. I do know that it seems to be a resolution that states that you can't say bad things about any religion.
And boy am I torn.
I would love it if people stopped saying crappy things about what I believe. I had a president tell the nation that he thought my religion wasn't real. I have been slandered and yelled at and had all manner of people try to convince me I am wrong. It would be nice for that to stop.
You know what? As awful as that is, I wouldn't stop people from being able to say crappy things about my religion. They always should have that right. It would just be nice if they stopped because they were decent humans.
I understand why Muslim groups want people to stop bashing them, they have been at the losing end of a lot of things this decade. Of course they also kind of deserve it, they have been doing really crappy things. Do crappy things, crappy things happen to you. Such is life. Don't get the UN to pass a binding resolution to keep people from bashing you when you keep killing people. And Christians? Same deal here, don't tell me to not bash you when you keep killing people. It doesn't work that way, because I know what you're going to do, the both of you. You're going to get a law passed stating I can't say mean things to you but you will totally not apply that whole religion title to me, and you will continue to bash me and the pagan religions at large. Kind of sucky, people.
You're treading a really fine line here. It's free speech for everyone, even if you don't like what the other person is saying. I don't like what a lot of people are saying. Christians, Muslims, some atheists, Jews, oh the list goes on and on. That doesn't mean that you can't say it, it just means I don't like it. I know that you guys have a bigger voice, but come on, we're all people here with feelings. Let's all just agree to disagree and let it be.


  1. As much as a disagree with what some people say, like say Ray Comfort, or Rush Limbaugh, I defend their right to say it.

    Of course, their habit of saying dumbass things does keep me in business, but that's a whole 'nother story . . .


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