Monday, February 23, 2009

She's back...

Palin claims media sought to destroy her

Oh sweetie. See, no. The media did not have a search and destroy mission when it came to you. You and your family believed that because you were Republicans you were above everything. You thought that all those skeletons that should have disqualified you would not be found. But they were. And they were not buried. No one had to search for these things, they were way out in the open. Half of them came from your own mouth.
Sweetie, next time you want to go around and bitch about how everyone hates Sarah Palin, remember that we don't really hate you (well, OK we do, but it's nothing personal, it's what you represent, that know-nothing evanagelical good old boy brand of politics that ruined everything) , but we do feel very sorry for you. The way we feel sorry for very dumb animals. Like my cat Izzy, who runs into doors and walls and such when she's playing because she can't be bothered to look up. You're like my cat, pretty but stump-dumb.
So please be quiet. You're embarrassing yourself and us. Stop doing interviews, stop dragging your poor kid into the media circus and then bitching about the media. Go back to Alaska, serve out your term, fade away.
I'm begging you.


  1. I thought my word verifications were turned off. Are they back on? Damnit.

    Btw, I honestly think that the GOP thought that one woman is exactly the same as another. As if Palin and Clinton were equally intelligent, informed and qualified. Hello, not all vaginas are created equal, asshats!

  2. I think Blogspot is having some kind of moment today. It's acting all spazzy.
    The GOP was so thrilled when Obama went with Biden as the VP and could bring out Palin as their VP. Look at how progressive they are! And then Palin started talking. Pretty much went downhill from there.
    After that the GOP realized that not all women are equal and started the wonderful end of the election CYOA dance (I really liked that dance). Sadly Palin did realize any of this though, and still doesn't. She blams the media and the GOP on her failure, not the fact that she honestly thinks she can see Russia from her front porch and that counts as foreign policy experience. Poor dumb woman.


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