Thursday, February 5, 2009


So, while last night didn't contain Des or Richard, it did include Ben, so that was cool. It also had Jack and Kate,which was not. Seriously? Jake and Kate? Christ.
I'm worried about Juliet, people. Nose bleeds? Not Juliet! Not when she and Sawyer are turning into a power-couple. God what an awesome couple they would make. Sawyer? Sweetie, forget about Kate, she was always so damn wishy-washy about her affections, go with Juliet who is kick-ass, and pretty stable. Best of both worlds.
Ben, and his lawyer. Awesome, he had me going, I thought for sure the suit was coming from Sun, I didn't see him at all. Fantastic. I miss his quiet mind-games sometimes.
Locke. I have gone back and forth on your character. I loved you up until the last season, when you just got a bit preachy for me. I'm swinging back this season to liking you, mainly because of your devotion to the Island. And what makes you different from Ben (and probably Richard, actually) as a leader for the Others? You care about the Island, they cared about their people. Unless I'm missing a lot of affection toward the others beyond "I'm your leader" I don't get that Locke cares particularly for the people as much as the place. Interesting. And it makes you wonder why Jacob chose Locke for the job, did he know that he would need the noble sacrifice to save the Island so he chose a leader most likely to give their life? Who knows?
Lost, I love you. But put Richard on next week. Kthxby

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